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Introduction to the portuguese wine.

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Tasting wines, acquiring knowledge, knowing the environment surrounding the production of wine (walking in the vineyards, exploring wine cellars, learning about the production processes and getting to know the people involved), entering a rural environment and discovering its natural products, breathing fresh air and admiring breathtaking landscapes, pairing wine and food, appreciating the architecture, getting involved with the customs and histories of each region... A true immersion in the world of wine!

vinhas vinhos


day out

Day Out

Perfect for all those touring in Portugal wanting to have a special day as part of their trip.
explore uma região

Explore a Region

Portugal has many diverse regions and each one of them has something remarkable to show.


Join this very important stage in the production of wine.


A true portuguese will tell you that wine is better enjoyed during meals.
vinhos nas grandes cidades

Wine in Big Cities

Discover unexpected locations where to appreciate a good glass of wine in the most important cities of Portugal.
roadtrip com enólogo

Road Trip with Enologist

We can organize a road trip for only one or more regions, in the company of an enologist during the entire trip so you can become a great wine connoisseur.
imersão azeite

Imersão Azeite

With a fruity fragrance, slightly thick, gold colored or greenish yellow, bitter, spicy or sweeter, smooth or intense.
pata negra

Pata Negra

Better known as Pata Negra, the animal from where the Acorn-flavored Iberian ham comes from is called Porco Preto in Portugal.
outras atividades

More Activities

We are a wine tour company but don't hesitate to ask us about other experiences. We can always suggest other activities and tours.
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The Beauty of Simplicity

Promotional video from Turismo de Portugal.
Music by Nuno Maló.


O atendimento da Tambu Routes foi maravilhoso e atencioso desde o planejamento da viagem em São Paulo até as duas semanas que estive em Portugal com a minha esposa.

Carlos M. São Paulo, SP

We had a brilliant time! We really enjoyed starting the week learning how to taste the Portuguese wines. I cannot say enough about how relaxing and perfect was the whole experience.

Brian W. Chicago, Illinois

Our time with Tambu Routes was one of the absolute highlights of our two-week trip to Portugal. We spent five days with Carolina and it was much different than any other wine experience I've had.

Krista S. New York City, NY

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